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The Tropic 504  cap gets its name from a unique place — the number of the original block shape from which it's made. The Tropic yarn make this an ultra-lightweight cap that is the perfect choice for spring and summer wear. This cap has our signature embroidered kangaroo logo on the back of the cap in a contrast color, meeting our high expectations for quality and style and adding the iconic kangaroo to make it official. Check out our many options for color and sizes below.


Style & Color


If you’re looking for an ivy or flat hat that’s available in multiple colors, the Tropic 504 is the right choice for you. To ensure a comfortable fit and the optimal style appeal, this lightweight caphas a comfort sweatband and is available in five sizes, including small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large.


Funky colors and unique shapes can make anyone stand out in a 504 hat. Add this fan-favorite to your cart now and get free shipping today!